About Us


Leoson Pharma Care

Leoson Pharma Care is a leading, fully integrated global Veterinary formulation, development, manufacturing and marketing company headquartered in India.Our journey started in 2009 with small idea for Silent life.Which is a WHO GMP Certified With ISO-9001-2008 Certification.

Leoson Pharma Care, is Based at Ahmedabad, the Pharmaceutical Hub of India. The Leoson Pharma Care is Engaged in the Pharmaceutical Business Since 2009 With Multiple Business Activities Like Manufacturing, Marketing, Distribution and Trading Pharmaceutical, Nutrition Supplement, and Herbal and Other Variety of Products.

  • Best Quality and Innovative Products.
  • We provide emergency support for our customer.

Leoson Pharma Care

Core Values & Social Responsibilities.

  • Our Vision

    The company offers safe and innovative solutions for animal health to the market and provides clients, partners, collaborators, and shareholders prosperity.

  • Our Mission

    It intends to be an outstanding INDIAN brand in the animal health sector, based on technical experience, innovation, and socio-environmental commitment.

  • Our Values

    Experience, quality, responsibility, commitment, innovation, and dynamism.

  • Social Responsibility

    Leoson Pharma Care is a company committed to the society, not only in respect of cattle farming but also in relation to other areas, aiming to disseminate knowledge and promote a fairer society. This is our commitment to challenge conventional thinking, promoting the development and sustainable growth of a new generation of animal health, inspiring and creating ideas and integrated solutions to the needs of the world, of people and markets, connecting and working in collaboration with the ecosystem of animal health, building and nurturing relationships in shared value.