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About Us

Leoson Pharma Care

Leoson Pharma Care is a leading, fully integrated global Veterinary formulation, development, manufacturing and marketing company headquartered in India.Our journey started in 2009 with small idea for Silent life.Which is a WHO GMP Certified With ISO-9001-2008 Certification.

Leoson Pharma Care, is Based at Ahmedabad, the Pharmaceutical Hub of India. The Leoson Pharma Care is Engaged in the Pharmaceutical Business Since 2009 With Multiple Business Activities Like Manufacturing, Marketing, Distribution and Trading Pharmaceutical, Nutrition Supplement, and Herbal and Other Variety of Products.


Leoson Pharma Care

What makes us special?

Innovative Products

Product innovation is the creation and subsequent introduction of a good or service that is either new, or an improved version of previous goods or services.

Best Quality

Quality Assurance is supervised by a qualified and competent pharmacist.
We maintain batch wise quality Control Report.

Prompt setting of queries.

Being on the list of pharma franchise and top pharmaceutical companies in India we take care of the complete quality and queries compliance.

Reason of choice

Why you choose us at a glance from the other's

We have special support for you and for that reason, anyone can easily make special care easily and this is really effective for everyone. One can easily choose us for the following reasons.

  • Implementation of current GMP.
  • Assisting of academic experience.
  • Using the newest technology in drug manufacturing.
  • Continually provide our employee with training.
  • Providing highly quality drug, with suitable price.

New Arrival Products